Enboch: A Weed Getting Out of Hand in Northwestern Ethiopia
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03 آب/أغسطس 2018
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Enboch in Northwestern Ethiopia : >> Image Credits by:Dagim Terefe

Story and Photos by Dagim Terefe

Editing and Visualizations by Annika McGinnis

Coordinated by Fredrick Mugira

August 2, 2018

In northwestern Ethiopia, a weed has grown out of control! 

The invasive water hyacinth, locally named as Enboch is putting aquatic biodiversity of Lake Tana at extreme risk; harming agriculture and local tourism there. 

Lake Tana is not only a water source for over 123 million people in the Nile Basin but also a source of various species of fish. It is a source of water for millions of livestock, and agriculture. And now, Enboch is threatening this life-giving resource.

In this special multimedia report, Ethiopian award-winning journalist Dagim Terefe reports that vast swathes of the water in this historical lake are becoming a sea of green while fish pens and navigation channels are being clogged by an impenetrable mass of Enboch.


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